DL: Age of Mortals

In order to save the world from Chaos, The Father of All and of Nothing; The Gods of Krynn agreed to join together to move their world to a different place in time and space, escaping his influence. With much of their power expended the Gods entered hibernation (known as ‘the departure’). Leaving behind the mortals of Krynn each god selected a person or position that would speak for them during this time, until they returned.

With the Accord of the Gods struck, the world was split into three different parts. The States of Light (in the North), The province of Neutral (In the West) and the continent of Darkness (in the south), with each faction maintains their control and each vying to ensure the others do not break the uneasy truce.

Unfortunately during the first 10 years of the Gods’ hibernation, rogue Dragon Overlords have arrived and finding Krynn in their space, they seek to enslave all mortals on the planet and claim the world for their own.

To the east five of these alien dragons have established their provinces but each desires more.

You are a newly christened member of your state. With the Gods still recovering and the truce between the three states becoming more difficult to maintain due to the mounting pressure of the Dragon Overlords, the future looks bleak, in this time; The Age of Mortals.

Welcome to Dragonlance: Age of Mortals, a 5edition D&D game set in the world of Dragonlance.

Dragonlance: Age of Mortals

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