Letter to Master Griffindor

A letter addressed to Master Griffindor


Master Griffindor,

I hope this letter finds you well! As I’m sure you’ve heard my last trip to Island of Cristyne in search of the healing spring was a resounding success. I’m expecting recognition from the Gnomish Department of Archaeology and Discoveries to certify my trip within the next few weeks!

But to other matters, I’m once again looking for a newly minted apprentice who might be interested in some practical experience instead of all that theoretical mumbo-jumbo! I’ve got a quick stop over in Caergoth and then I’ll be leaving shortly to start the research for my next adventure. As always the apprentice will be well compensated but truly what better compensation is there then practical experience!
If you have someone in mind just hand them this letter and the pouch, it contains what they need to get to me.

Let me know if you are going to be staying at that stuffy tower for much longer and I’ll stop by on my next visit to Palanthas, and I’ll relay to you the story of the Frozen Gold Dragon I helped rescue down in Icereach!

All the Best

Master William Garnot

Archaeology and Treasure Finder extraordinaire.

P.S. Can you send me one who’s a bit lively this time, the last one was painful dull and only managed two weeks before he left! Heard he’s now some big shot in the Tower of Gwynned, Head of Theoritical mumbo-jumbo… Enough said!

Further Instructions:

Take this ticket to the Palanthas Transport House – Level 3 and present to the Wizard-in-charge.

Upon arrival in Caergoth come to the Golden Dragon Inn, head up to the bar-tender and say the phrase:
‘In a war, swords are not your own weapon’.


Letter to Master Griffindor

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