Letter to Viktor Petrovich

A Letter addressed to Viktor Petrovich from his mother Anastasia


My Dearest Son,

If you are reading this then it means that I was not able to return to you and for that I am truly sorry.
I’m sorry that you have been put into this situation but I take some solace in the fact that I know Pol will keep you safe and that you will grow into the man that I always imagined.
There was always the possibility that these events would come to pass but I did not expect it to be so soon and I must sadly admit, I wasn’t prepared.
If you’re anything like your grandfather then I know that you will come and seek the truth for yourself, all I can ask is that you promise to keep an open mind. Our family has done some evil deeds but there are some actions that even I found horrifying. Many have called Udoonin (your grandfather) insane or mad but he wasn’t mad, he just had a vision. A vision of a world where we were free from the gods and could for the first time in our lives experience the ‘free-will’ promised to us by the Gods when the world was first created.
It’s only now in introspect I can see that of course the Gods would not allow such an event to happen and unfortunately to everyone else they look justified in the world’s eyes. But let me make one thing clear to you, while we have been responsible for many things, our family is not to blame for Chaos coming forth which causes this whole situation with the Dragon Overlords.
My main goal (besides raising you) was to expose the truth of what happened on that fateful day when Chaos was summoned into our world, but unfortunately since the ‘shifting’ any attempts to discern what happened before that day by magical means meets with no answers. Unfortunately I have had no luck finding information by mundane means.
If I am gone then I must place on you this burden. Clear our family name from this lie. Our family has a long and proud history and I encourage you to search for this knowledge yourself, it will help you in your quest.
You have much of myself and your grandfather in you and I know that you will not fail the House of Petrovich.
One way or another we will meet again.

With all my love,

Your Mother Anastasia


Letter to Viktor Petrovich

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