The Accord of the Gods


The Accord was an agreement reached by the Gods in 384AC after Chaos was released and threatened to destroy the world.

The Queen of Darkness proposed a plan and the rest of the gods agreed that they would use their combined power to move Krynn through time and space breaking the link of Chaos and banishing him from the world.

Although the entire meeting and agreement is unknown one stipulation agreed to was the creation of a state for each aspect of alignment.

The States of Light: Solmania, Sancrist Isle, Southlund, Northern Wastes, Nightlund, Hinterlund, Gaardlund, Heartlund, Kaolyn, Cristyne,

The Province of Neutral: Northern Ergoth, Southern Ergoth, Enstar, Abanasinia, Schallsea, New Coast, Lemish

The Continent of Darkness: Qualinesti, Kharolis, Plains of Dust, Icereach

Other Places of Interest:

Silvanesti, Blode, Balifur, Estwilde, Nordmaar, Blood Sea, Kothas & Mithas, Neraka

The Accord of the Gods

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