The Crystal Ball Experience at the Tower of Palanthas


As part of his examinations Constantine was asked to concentrate on the crystal ball and scry the location of the Great Library at Korval.

While most student encounter a barrier and are subjected to very minor feedback, Constantine had a different experience.

While scrying he saw a vision of a young wizard standing on top of the tower attached to the library and he was battling forces of Chaos. Eventually a large giant creature (Chaos) attacked the city and the wizard opened a portal to a different realm where he channelled power and managed to stay the power of Chaos.

Eventually there was a large explosion, Chaos wounded but still victorius and the wizard now aged fallen on the floor barely breathening. With Chaos believing him triumphant he reaches down to crush the wizard only to watch as the wizard before collapsing with a smile on his face whisper the word ‘now’ and the world suddenly start to spiral away.

The last image Constantine sees is of Chaos enraged and the world slips from his grasp.

The Crystal Ball Experience at the Tower of Palanthas

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