The Elves of Krynn


After more than half a century of fighting, the Kinslayer War had finally come to an end. With the war ending in somewhat of a stalemate, both the Empire of Ergoth and the nation of Silvanesti turned inward to lick their wounds.

For the elves, it became apparent that life would never quite be the same for them. Those elves that had fought on the western frontier of Silvanesti felt different as though they had become detached from the eastern part of their nation. Over the last half century, families all over the western frontier had become married and interbred with their Ergothian neighbors; a fact that seemed to disgust their eastern countrymen. By the time war broke out, many families were not sure which side to fight on. This also led to some resentment on the part of the western elves since they had no choice but to fight for their home nation, the same nation that now seemed to turn their back on them following the war.

In time, the western elves sued for change. Prince Kith-Kanan, who had led the western elves throughout the Kinslayer War, appealed to his brother King Sithas for western soverignty. Agreeing with his brother that change was needed, King Sithas granted the western elves independence from the nation of Silvanesti. Kith-Kanan, now the new king of the western elves, bid his brother farewell and with his followers left in peace.

For 67 years, the western elves lived on the plains and tried to rebuild their war-torn lands. Life was difficult for many, especially for those that had lived in the great forests of Silvanesti and were used to the opulence of their former nation.

Once again, war broke out further to the west. This time however, it did not involve the elves. The Empire of Ergoth and the dwarven nation of Thorbardin became engaged in a major land and mining dispute known as the War of the Mountain. Knowing of his great diplomacy skills, the emperor of Ergoth summoned Kith-Kanan to his imperial court in Daltigoth. There in the capital city, Kith-Kanan was able to help the Emperor negotiate a peace treaty with the dwarves. Known as the Swordsheath Scroll, this treaty would create a new nation for the western elves while at the same time creating a buffer between the Empire of Ergoth and the nation of Thorbardin. With all parties satisfied Kith-Kanan returned to his people.

Over the next few decades there was a mass migration as Kith-Kanan led his followers off the plains and into the forests. There he founded the new capital of Qualinost and the surrounding nation of Qualinesti. Immediately upon establishing the capital, Kith-Kanan charted for trading posts to be set up all along the nation’s borders. In time, the new nation of Qualinesti was able to join in a trading triangle between itself, Ergoth and Thorbardin. Continuing his efforts to unify the surrounding nations, Kith-Kanan appeals to men, dwarves and elves to raise the massive fortress of Pax Tharkas as a monument of peace. Upon its completion, the fortress becomes a major trading post garrisoned by both elves and dwarves, and serves as a constant reminder of the nations’ friendship and trust in one another.

The Chaos War had devastasting consequences for the Qualinesti elves. Due to the Accord of the Gods, the home of the Qualinesti was now in the realm of Darkness. Painfully the Qualinesti became refugees and were eventually resettled on the island of Cristyne.

Ruler: Gilthas Pathfinder
Royal Advisers – Lauralanthalasa Kanan & Alhana Starbreeze


Silvanesti Elves are a branch of elves that are considered the first civilized elves to live on Ansalon. They are descended from the Elderwild Elves (who would later call themselves the Kagonesti and are those elves who chose to live in cities during the Age of Dreams rather than remain in the forests. Silvanesti elves are known to be haughty and proud, considering themselves better than any other race, as well as considering themselves superior over any other type of elf. The Silvanesti elves are ruled by the Speaker of the Stars who is traditionally a member of House Royal.

The proud elves built their nation of Silvanesti in the forests in the southeast portion of Ansalon, where they erected large beautiful cities and towns. As time progressed, the elves became more isolationists until they almost never dealt with outsiders at all, and certainly did not openly trust humans, dwarves or some other elves. A large part of the Silvanesti mindset has been the concept of racial purity, and keeping the Silvanesti bloodlines pure. Because of this, Silvanesti try to avoid contact with other races where possible, although in the post War of Souls age, this has become increasingly difficult with the invasion of the elven nation.

For over 3000 years, the Silvanesti way of life barely changed, and in the early part of the Age of Mortals they even raised the Silvanesti Shield over their nation to protect themselves against outsiders and dragons

Ruler: Currently unknown

The Elves of Krynn

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