Crysania Tarinius

Revered Daughter and Representative of Paladine


Crysania Tarinius (ca. 328 AC – ? AC) was a woman who was born of the House of Tarinius from Palanthas. In her early years of life, she was of pure beauty, a patient, caring person, with bright, gray eyes, pale skin sometimes compared to marble, and long blue-black hair. She always shook people’s hand with a strong, firm shake unlike most other Palanthian women. Even with all her good qualities in her youth, she was often referred to as being cold, proud, aloof, better than others, ambitious, and power-hungry.

After she became blind, the one thing she cherished more than anything was not to be touched by anyone or anything. All day long, she would be touched, or she would touch those around her to get to know them better or to be guided.


Crysania Tarinius

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