Mistress Jenna, Daughter of the Red Moon

Highmage, Head of the Red Robes, Master of the Tower at Gwynned


Jenna ( 358 AC – ) was born the daughter of the great Justarius, her mother is unknown. Jenna had long, red hair (that turned gray in her elder years), a strong, clear voice, a dimpled smile, had eyes described as being both gray and green, had a very lovely but cold face, and always wore an expensive velvet red robe with gold stitching.

She has been described as being beautiful, powerful, and mysterious. She is very fluent in the Elvish language, and was very good at knowing about the political and social relations between the different magic Orders. Lunitari herself named Jenna the “Daughter of the Red Moon”.


Mistress Jenna, Daughter of the Red Moon

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